Mid Century Sofas and Settees

When it comes to living room seating, everyone needs a place to sit!  Just a glance at our Mid Century sofa range at Lots 2 Like will offer you a glimpse into the stylish and comfortable ways in which we use our living rooms to relax and socialise – from Leather sofas, to Wool settees, and Mid Century Daybeds, we are certain that you will be enamoured with a number of the eras our collection represents, and if you are keen to buy mid century furniture that will breathe style into any room, let us help you find the correct design and collection for you!

Art Deco

Post World War One, Scandinavia as well as Europe, took on a whole new visual style, particularly from the 1920s onwards – and Art Deco remains extremely popular to this day, whether it be in the form of vintage furniture or clothes and accessories alike – and if you are fascinated by this particular era, you’ll be delighted to hear that we offer a range of Art Deco sofas for the living room, from authentic Danish ‘Banana’ Sofas, to more subtle Swedish loveseats and settees.  Art Deco truly stands on its own as a unique style of vintage furniture, bringing much of our tastes and styles into the twentieth century.



Danish Design

borge mogensen sofaDanish furniture is some of the most celebrated and stylish Mid Century furniture ever produced. Certainly, Danish furniture remains highly sought-after, particularly due to the subtle lines, comfort level and construction style which envelopes the Mid Century period.  This makes our Danish Mid Century furniture collection all the more striking and lucrative – a genuine Danish leather sofa or settee will look visually superb alongside matching lounge chairs or armchairs alike – meaning that filling a living room with Danish design will be both a stroke of visual genius and taste alike!



Swedish Style

Swedish furniture, much like Danish furniture started to blossom post WW2, often with both countries working hard to design the most stylish and luxurious Mid Century furniture – meaning that any Swedish sofas or furniture will bring an elegant and stylish atmosphere to any room you may display it in.  Swedish sofas often feature subtle notes of Beech or Teak to their designs, making them another timeless option for your living room, whether it be Leather sofas or Wool settees.


With a wide range of eras, styles and inspirations to pick from, there has never been a better time or place for you to buy mid century furniture from – why not have a browse at our online catalogue and contact us further if you have any queries?

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