Mid Century Chairs

skippers mobler armchairIf you’re looking to buy Mid Century furniture, chairs are often a superb place to start.  Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also add a touch of design and history to a room – and Lots 2 Like we have a wide range of Mid Century chairs of many different styles to help you cultivate the look that you’re aiming for.  Whether you are looking for a leather armchair for your living room, or wool dining chairs for your dining room, we have a wide array of Scandinavian furniture to delight the eyes as well as provide comfort that has lasted throughout the years!


Danish Chairs

There is nothing quite like classic Danish furniture – and our range of Danish lounge chairs and armchairs, will bring a hint of timeless design into any dining room, lounge or bedroom.  We specialise in a range of Danish chairs and living room furniture, alongside iconic designer furniture to help you create a real sense of style.  The Danish knew how to design luxurious and comfortable furniture for their highest orders, and you too can now benefit from such comfort and style.

Scandinavian Art Deco

Art Deco furniture was all the rage in the early twentieth century, meaning that any antique or mid century chairs you purchase from us in that style, will help bring a real sense of the roaring thirties and earlier to your lounge or dining room – a sense of grandeur and class that has only ever been seen and replicated since in period film or television, why not create a real conversation piece with our range of comfortable and authentic Scandinavian Art Deco seating for your home?


Swedish Chairs

jetson chairAnother style that is immensely popular with furniture enthusiasts is that of Swedish origin – and to satisfy this, we have a range of genuine and Swedish furniture that will bring a taste of mid century into any home.  Whether it be Oak, Beech or Rosewood furniture from the period, creating the Swedish look is one that may take time if you wish to apply yourself to it fully – and we also have a keen range of mid century desks and sideboards to help complement any Swedish chairs that you may wish to purchase.

Mid Century Modern

Reaching closer to the present day, post Mid Century, is the Mid Century Modern era – and this period of time is particularly famous for producing updated original designs of Mid Century furniture for the modern day.  Contemporary Mid Century furniture is particularly unique, as unlike a lot of faceless modern furniture, It replicates vintage designs, but with modern materials and manufacturing methods, meaning that any chairs you purchase from Lots 2 Like from this era is guaranteed to be steadfast and ready to go in to any home – making it a popular choice for mid century furniture enthusiasts alike!

When it comes to the chairs we have available at Lots 2 Like, this is just a small selection of the superb range we have on offer to the public at any one time – for further detail on our mid century chairs and Danish armchairs alike, please feel free to browse our catalogue for luxurious and effective mid century furniture ideas for your home.  No matter which era you choose to purchase your seating from – even one chair alone will help breathe a real sense of design into your lounge or dining room with ease!


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