Antique & Reproduction Console and Hall Tables

There is nothing quite like making an entrance, or creating a first impression – and antique and reproduction furniture for your entrance hall or corridor will help bring a real touch of historical glamour to your home that will be a focal and talking point for any guests that may come to visit!  We specialise in a wide selection of antique furniture from a number of different eras to help satisfy any room in your home, from bedrooms to lounges to halls and porches, let us offer you a taste of the history we like to bring to our customers.

We also provide a wide range of different woods and finishes to our ranges, from mahogany furniture to oak finishes and gilt furniture – there is a look for every home in our online catalogue.

Edwardian Grace

Edwardian furniture is identifiable in that it is light, airy, and creates a superbly calm yet graceful atmosphere that also carries much history with it – with an emphasis too on patterns and floral designs.  For hall tables and consoles, the Edwardian style is perfect, as it does not impose, nor does it expect anything of its viewer – making it a welcoming and pleasant style of antique furniture for your hall or adjoining corridor.

All Art Deco

Art Deco style Maple and Rosewood tableFor a striking style of antique or reproduction furniture, why not consider Art Deco?  A popular style following World War One, this unique branch of twentieth century glamour and visual design converts superbly to oak furniture and finishes alike, and will help bring real character to your hall via a console or hall table – meaning that your guests are already impressed and struck by history before they even reach the inner rooms of your home!




Victorian Beauty

The Victorian era brought with it some striking and still extremely popular antique furniture styles and designs, and with it a sense of 19th-century grandiosity that any other era has tried hard to replicate.  A hall table or walnut furniture made in Victorian style will inspire and delight both your family and your guests, offering a real sense of luxury even upon walking into your home.  Vintage furniture does not come much more impressive than Victorian furniture!

French Fancies

French Louis XV style Walnut tableWhile the Victorian era may have produced marvellous furniture and designs, the French really knew how to go all out on splendour – and with our range of antique and reproduction Louis XV furniture, even your hallways will stand out amongst the rooms in your home with a console or hall table from the era and the continent, offering character and style as soon as you walk into your home.  For high luxury, French furniture is the standard.

With a wide range of vintage furniture and reproduction furniture available, this is just a taste of the fantastic and beautiful range of styles and furnishings we offer to all our customers.  If you are hoping to buy antique furniture, authentic or reproduction, and are keen on doing so at an affordable rate with careful and efficient delivery, look no further than Lots-2-Like!

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