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When it comes to home storage, we have been displaying our earthly possessions in style since early monarchy!  Just a glance at our bedroom and dining room antique furniture range at Lots-2-Like will offer you a glimpse into the luxurious and ornate ways in which we used to display our treasured items and store our most precious collections – from chests of drawers, to bedside cabinets, to display cabinets and beyond, we are certain that you will be enamoured with a number of the eras our collection represents, and if you are keen to buy antique furniture that will breathe history into any room, let us help you find the correct style and collection for you!

Classic Art Deco

Art Deco Walnut Bedside CabinetsPost World War One, Britain took on a whole new visual style, particularly from the 1920s onwards – and Art Deco remains extremely popular to this day, whether it be in the form of reproduction furniture or clothes and accessories alike – and if you are fascinated by this particular era, you’ll be delighted to hear that we offer a range of Art Deco furniture for the bedroom and dining room, from authentic bedside cabinets and bedside tables, to display cabinets and writing desks.  Art Deco truly stands on its own as a unique style of classic furniture, bringing much of our tastes and styles into the twentieth century.



Gorgeous Georgian

Mahogany Georgian Style Mahogany bedside tablesThe Georgian era, while rooted deep into our monarchy’s past, is one where some of our most celebrated, visually impressive and ornate antique furniture was produced.  Certainly, Georgian furniture remains highly sought-after, particularly due to the intense carving and construction style which envelopes the period.  This makes our Georgian reproduction furniture and genuine antique collection all the more striking and lucrative – a genuine Georgian bedside table or cabinet will look visually superb alongside matching writing desks and cabinets alike – meaning that turning a master bedroom into a Georgian time capsule will be both a stroke of visual genius and taste alike!



Edwardian Glamour

Edwardian furniture came in as Queen Victoria’s reign ended, and with it new tastes in design and construction swept in – delicate floral tastes were extremely popular at the start of the twentieth century, ahead of Art Deco furniture – meaning that any cabinets or display reproduction furniture will bring a light and airy atmosphere to any room you may display them in.  Certainly, if you are looking for a historical but lighter touch to cabinets and bedside tables, Edwardian will be the era to look for in our collection.

Fabulous French Cabinets

French Louis XV style Mahogany & MarbleGoing even further back in time, we have a sumptuous collection of French furniture dating back to the reign of Louis XV, when rococo furniture was a focal point of many homes – classic French and rococo design is inspired by nature itself, taking notes from the sea, the air and the land around us – and, of course, much French furniture is also considered rather luxurious in the most grandiose sense!  Chests of drawers and cabinets in a French or rococo style, reproduction or antique furniture alike, will be worthy of your purchase if you are keen to really bring in a real sense of the grandiose into your dining room or lounge.  Certainly, if you are looking for the most splendorous furniture, our French collection may be the right era for you to pick from!

With a wide range of eras, styles and inspirations to pick from, there has never been a better time or place for you to buy antique furniture from – why not have a browse at our online catalogue and contact us further if you have any queries?

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